Vehicle Sharing

A Smart & Flexible Sharing System


ESB.VehicleSharing is an end-to-end sharing system based on an open mobility platform that allows the management of traditional bikes and e-bikes.

Bikes, equipped with a safe locking system, embed a specific electronics enabling the possibility to gather geo-location and diagnostic information in real time.

The end-user smartphone App defines a new concept of urban mobility in terms of contextual dynamic information, engagement experience and sustainable transport. For instance, through the App, it is possible to verify the vehicle current position and its availability for booking.

Flexible and adaptable to several situations for micro-mobility public services, the platform can also support kick scooters and motorcycles schemes, or can enable integration with third-party systems.


The bike is the main component of the infrastructure for the bike-sharing system, indeed, it brings most of innovation starting from the frame, locking system, and wheels designed to contrast vandalism and to optimize maintenance and usage costs. Moreover, the embedded electronics enhance vehicle security thanks to geo-location and anti-theft features.

  • Regular Bike / e-Bike
  • Bicycle Rack
  • NFC Card
  • Smart Locking System

End-User Smartphone App

From the user app, it is possible to access the city map indicating the vehicles available in real time and to book them. The payment is automatically charged at the end of the riding session and the user can top up his credit directly with the app by using a Credit Card or PayPal.
Throuht the app it is also possible to offer promotions and incentives in order to optimize infrastructure costs and bikes relocation. Moreover, users can contact the Support Team directly via app in case of mulfanctioning and receive immediate solutions for enhancing thier vehicle-sharing experience.

  • Booking System
  • Real-time support
  • Social features
  • Smart key via Mobile
  • Info services

Bike-Sharing Management System

An advanced diagnostic tool allows the administrator to monitor the functioning of each vehicle of the fleet in real time and and to plan both ordinary and extra maintenance operations by remote according to the real usage condition of the vehicles, thus optimizing management costs and increasing the service quality.
The Big Data Analytics system provides average usage rates in order to support the administrator in vehicles redistribution; it is also possible to define some restricted riding areas (geofencing) and receive immediate notifications when the vehicle goes outside the limits of the area.

  • Real-time diagnostic for each vehicle
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Geofencing
  • User statistics & behaviors
  • Account management
  • Payment and invoicing

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