The on-trend topic of Urban Mobility is going to characterize the 28th edition of EUROBIKE: SITAEL presents its upgraded version of Connectivity Module with new features as well as its new end-to-end and highly scalable sharing system based on an open mobility platform.

ESB Connectivity Module – Tracker 2.0

ESB unveils at Eurobike (Booth A1-204) is the upgraded version of its Connectivity Module. The Tracker 2.0 now transmits diagnostic data retrieved from the e-Bike System to ESB or third-parties cloud both via Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and 4G/2G interfaces. Enhanced features include also an optimized power consumption and even more efficient anti-theft system and crash detection thanks to the embedded 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope. Additional improvements are given by the GPS GLONASS, which allows a more precise and fast navigation, and the external digital I/Os for driving external buzzers and locks.

The features of the ESB Connectivity System will be adopted by PROPHETE, the well-known German manufacturer for bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, and supply parts with more than 100 years of tradition in the market. The contract includes the supply of the ESB software that will be integrated with third-party API for improving the Customer Support and After Sales services that PROPHETE considers an essential element for its lasting and trusting partnership with customers.

Vehicle-Sharing Platform

The 28th edition of EUROBIKE focuses its attention to micro-mobility (currently representing a multi-million-dollar business expected to grow rapidly) and to the use of shared bicycles and e-bikes as a smart alternative to cars.

It is exactly in this framework that SITAEL presents its end-to-end and highly scalable sharing system based on an open mobility platform that allows the management of both docked and dockless fleets of traditional bikes and e-bikes. Flexible and adaptable to several situations for micro-mobility public services, the platform can integrate third-party systems via API and support kick scooters and motorcycles schemes. Geo-fencing and real-time diagnostic information are available in the management system thanks to ESB connectivity module, while the end-user smartphone App defines a new urban mobility in terms of contextual dynamic information, engagement experience and sustainable transport.

MANDO, the Korean automotive giant, has recently chosen SITAEL as the best partner to provide its IoT Vehicle-Sharing Platform for the management of fleets for both sharing and rental. MANDO deals with B2B provision of multi-vehicles systems (including bikes, cars, and motorcycles) for different purposes: from sharing schemes, to delivery services and corporate sharing initiatives. SITAEL hardware and software solution will increase the technology and quality for which MANDO is acknowledged in the world market.

If you have planned to come to Friedrichshafen, Germany, next September 4th – 7th, visit SITAEL’s stand at Eurobike 2019 (Booth A1-204) to see live showcase and demo of our latest solutions for e-Bike Connectivity Systems.


Visit Our Booth At Eurobike 2019 – Hall A1-204

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