ESB flies overseas and conquers the U.S.A. with PEDEGO Electric Bikes

At the beginning of the month, the Number One electric bike brand in the United Stated (according to Navigant Research), PEDEGO electric bikes, announced that all its e-bike models would turn into Connected e-Bikes thanks to the integration of the ESB Connectivity System.

Sold at more than 100 Pedego-branded stores and hundreds of independent electric bike dealers worldwide, Pedego models include cruisers, tandems, commuters, fat-tire bikes, mountain bikes, folding and cargo bikes, thus representing the first time for ESB to be embedded on this huge array of e-bike typologies for the same brand and at the same time. Another important step forward.

ESB_PEDEGO_Connected e-Bikes

ESB will enrich PEDEGO e-bikes with innovative features depending on the embedded electronic versions of its Connectivity System. In particular, the system retrieves Diagnostic and Geolocation data from the e-bike, sends them online via cloud technology and creates helpful information for professional users, such us enhanced vehicle control, accurate maintenance, customized service or anti-theft system.

In the past two days, ESB has been attending the PEDEGO Dealer Meeting held at the PEDEGO Electric Bike Corporate Office (Fountain Valley, California) for introducing the novelty in details by highlighting the advantages of ESB features to nearly 200 guests from more than 80 retail locations all over the United States.

On this occasion, dealers had the chance to experience at first hand the innovative solutions that will provide an enhanced and concrete opportunity for their business as well as an exciting and delightful riding to their customers.

A new bicycle era has just started. Hello, fun!


Enjoy the ESB Community!