SITAEL masters its Connectivity Systems Integration skills and conquers the attention of e-Mobility partners at Eurobike Show 2018

The 27th edition of Eurobike comes out with different news, starting from the early exhibition dates (at the beginning of July) and with the “Retail First” approach adopted during a three-day show dedicated only to industry professionals.

Most of all, for the first time, Eurobike has carved out a special place for e-Mobility in its largest Hall A1, thus confirming the increasing importance that it is assuming in everyday life and that has led to the recent electric bicycles boom in Europe. “I think most of the players in this market know that this might be the future of the industry”, claimed Stefan Reisinger, head of Eurobike.

SITAEL was exhibiting precisely in this new e-Mobility-focused space (booth A1-305) as the ideal partner for e-bikes Connectivity System Ingeration.

Indeed, with a strong experience of many years in electronics design in different fields and with a deep knowledge in software development and system integration, SITAEL can meet varied technical requirements and can create efficient products characterized by a customizable User Experience.

It is also proved by the involvement of SITAEL in the “Bikesharing Danmark” project: Diavelo, the well-known and award-winning Danish electric bicycle brand, has chosen SITAEL as Connectivity System provider for integrating its connected e-Bikes4Delivery and developing together the Copenhagen bike-sharing that will be operative in 2019.

This is why SITAEL launched the claim (and hashtag) #Ready2Connect this year: to highlight the possibility, for manufacturers, to integrate their e-bikes with a tailored connectivity system or, of course, to integrate ESB, the complete IoT solution for e-Bikes (CORE or PLUS version).

Eurobike was also the opportunity to show the trophy obtained at CES 2018 for the MAT technology and to launch the new features of ESB based on GPS/GPRS, such as the real reach, motor set-up, crash detection, and a new useful tutorial that contribute to provide a fun and advanced riding experience to the end-user.

All these features will be presented again next week, during the ZEG Bike Show (July, 20-23 – Cologne): the event dedicated to all the German retailers who choose the most important brands of bike and e-bike manufactures such as BULLS, Hercules, Kettler etc.
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