ESB confirms its figures as exhibitor during the Eurobike Show 2017, now in its 26th edition and the MAT is ranked as finalist for the Eurobike Awards

With a special focus on bicycle digitalization, this year Eurobike has introduced numerous novelties in the e-Mobility. The presence of various start-ups together with the innovative solutions presented by the strongest players in the bike industry and their common interest in e-bikes make clear that electric vehicles are contributing at the creation of a renewed concept of the bicycle itself.

In this sort of revolution, ESB finds a fertile ground for its connectivity system. Especially this year that it launches two new features for the Mobile App: the turn-by-turn Navigator and the e-Tuning.

With the integration of the Turn-by-Turn Navigation, the end-user can easily set trip destinations on the map by following the suggested routes for bikes. It is also possible to choose among the fastest, shortest or quietest itinerary and follow the instructions displayed on the screen or reproduced by a text-to-speech application.

The e-Tuning feature (to be integrated into the e-bike controller) allows users to shape their own electric riding experience basing on their particular needs and preferences. Starting from default pre-set profiles, via app the user can adjust multivariable parameters of motor assistance and can perform a personal fine-tuning of settings with in-depth calibration. The result is an improved efficiency of the e-bike behaviour and a total customized cycling experience.

The other main novelty of this year is the evolution of the ESB connectivity system integrated in the e-bike thanks to an external docking station called MAT (Magnetic Assisted Tap) and that has been ranked as finalist for the Eurobike Awards 2017.

MAT connects the most used e-bike systems and smartphones wirelessly. With its magnetic technology, it provides total control of the vehicle in one single gesture, using the smartphone as both bike key and display.
It is also combined with a handlebar Remote Controller for safely manage assist levels, e-bell and app screens, and a smart Lock and Extender Cable that recognizes the user App, disables the anti-theft and unlocks the e-bike rear wheel.

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