The die is cast. And it has been cast during the ZEG eBike Days that took place last Nov. 6-9 in Cologne. On this occasion, actually, the most important retailers of the German Group determined their preferences concerning the e-Bike models they will launch in 2018.

Following up on the unveiling of the Connected e-Bikes line, during the latest ZEG Bike Show (July), the main brands of ZEG, such as BULLS and HERCULES, have exhibited their e-Bikes integrated with the ESB connectivity system, thus collecting high interest and creating meaningful curiosity among the participants.

The ESB team was glad to satisfy this curiosity during the daily Seminars, conceived as a concrete occasion to meet German retailers and discuss together on the advantages of Connected e-Bikes as well as on their potential both in terms of sales and exclusivity.

By deciding to standing out from competitors, retailers who choose these innovative e-Bikes, will offer their clients the most sophisticated and high-quality vehicles (from city e-bikes to e-MTB) together with a completely new riding experience.

Among the new features of the ESB system, indeed, there is the Crash Detection System, which detects vehicle’s motion, changes in forces and impacts and sends messages to minimize the emergency response time.

Alongside with the real-time support & maintenance notifications, the navy system & control dashboard, the remote data-check & geo-location etc. and, thanks to an accelerometer sensor integrated into the e-bikes, ESB offers an advanced system of GPS/GPRS-based Anti-theft. In particular, the e-bike owner can control and activate the alarm from the smartphone App in order to receive warning alerts on the smartphone every time the vehicle is displaced from its original location.


Enjoy the ESB Community!