Along with the relevant global sales data concerning electric bikes, the increasing interest in Connected e-Bikes is confirmed during the event that the German Group ZEG dedicates every year to Electric Bicycles

November 9, Cologne (Germany) – The fact that ZEG, a giant player of the bike industry, dedicates every year a private event to electric bicycles, confirms that the market is moving increasingly and quickly towards this trend. According to, in 2023, global sales of e-bikes are forecast to reach around 40 million units.

Coming from all over Germany, Austria and not only, the ZEG brands dealers who already embraced e-mobility by choosing to offer their clients the state-of-the-art models of e-bikes, attended the training sessions in the offices of ZEG Headquarters in Cologne.

ESB could not miss the event: in a daily Seminar on Technology with its international partners Brose and BMZ, ESB illustrated the characteristics of connected batteries with GPS/GPRS modules and presented the BULLS Connected eBike app. Including anti-theft, crash-detection and motor setup features, among others, the mobile app has been designed for enhancing the riding experience of users of connected e-bikes and it can be downloaded for free here:

The core of the 4-day event took place in the warehouse of the German Company. Not a casual choice, since it is the right room for retailers to explore the e-bikes, touch their components, get dirty with chains and, most of all, to ride them and test their power, their cycling experience.

What dealers feel and love is what they want their customers to feel too. This is why this annual eBike Days appointment (strongly desired by ZEG) is so relevant for determining the trend of next-season sales volumes as well as to set the e-bike models dealers will re-sell in their shops.

It is exactly in this frame that Connected e-Bikes stand out for their innovation and capability to satisfy, with its features, different targets: from cyclo turists to city commuters, to e-MTB and Cross e-Bikes lovers.

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