The ESB Anti-Theft System provides an efficient protection against bicycle thefts thanks to the geo-location control of the e-bike.

Vandalism against bicycles has always represented a problem for bike owners. On average, roughly only one in five victims reports a theft to the police. Considering this fact, here are some figures:

– In Britain alone, 400,000 bicycles are stolen each year (roughly one every 90 seconds), according to Bicycle crime statistics posted by in 2015;
– In Germany, Berlin is the most notorious bicycle theft city with more than 26,000 bicycles stolen every year;
The Netherlands, where only one in three thefts is reported, recorded 450,000 stolen bicycles in 2011 according to 2014 European Statistics.

Even if data are not encouraging, the evolution of Technology has improved the security systems used to avoid or reduce this inconvenience.

ESB has worked hard on a feature that aims to finally protect e-Bikes from stealing. In particular, the ESB.PLUS connectivity solution offers a specific feature called Anti-Theft System.

This very useful function uses of the GPS/GPRS module embedded into the e-bikes; it collects data from the vehicle and sends them via cloud technology. The information retrieved is available on the Smartphone App for the end-user who, thanks to the geo-location control, can access the vehicle position on the Map in real time.

The user can activate the Anti-theft alarm from the App in order to receive warning alerts on his smartphone every time the e-bike is displaced from its original location. Moreover, the system displays the ‘alarming route’ of the vehicle on the map, it means that the user can follow his e-bike moving in real time. This kind of control is possible thanks to the accelerometer sensor combined with the GPS/GPRS modules, both integrated into the e-bike.

The Anti-Theft System provided by ESB.PLUS represents a safety measure for the biker and an added value to e-Mobility.

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