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ESB.service platform is a complete Bike Management System available via web and accessible only to enabled professional users. The platform provides a real-time analytics of circulating bikes and their performance, allowing the possibility to analyze and supporting customers remotely with a powerful diagnostic tool.

The ESB.service integrates also relationship management features such as a ticketing system, to empower the customer service, and a mass communication server to deliver direct marketing messages through the smartphone app according to the user profile. ESB.service platform has been designed to support the communication also with retailers and distributors, providing additional tools.


Retailers and repairers can easily access ESB.service via a specific App optimized for tablets. The app communicates via Bluetooth with ESB Electronics providing the registration of every bike sold by one click, presenting a quick overview about user data and e-bike usage history. Furthermore, the app retailer works as a complete diagnostic tool gathering real-time diagnostic data from the vehicle, granting a more efficient assistance and service management.


Empowered by the Diagnostic and GPS location tools, ESB offers an advanced fleet management system which is flexible and adaptable to several situations, from the e-bike rental business to public services.


The ESB PLUS provides connectivity of an existent BMS and/or a Controller board to a smartphone/tablet, through a Bluetooth™ Low Energy interface, but also provides connectivity to a remote server via a GPRS communication. Consequently, while monitoring the diagnostic data retrieved, the ESB PLUS transmits them to the ESB.service autonomously, even when not connected to a smartphone/tablet. The ESB PLUS embeds also a GPS receiver that defines the vehicle position. Thanks to this electronics on board all ESB.PLUS features are enabled for users, such as remote control of vehicle parameters and Anti-theft features.