management system


Empowered by the Diagnostic and GPS location tools, ESB offers an advanced fleet management system which is flexible and adaptable to several situations, from the e-bike rental business to public services.

Logistic & Vehicle Profiling

ESB works as a decision support system based on GPS tracking and bike usage data. The system helps the administrator to decide where to redistribute the vehicles to areas of higher demand or to identify special infrastructure needs in locations where most bikes are ridden.

Fleet Geo-Location & Sensitive Areas

Fleet Management main features:

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles diagnostic
  • Real-time vehicles geo-location
  • Reporting statistics of usage and riding behavior
  • Scheduling maintenance services
  • Restricted areas crossing alerts (GeoFencing)

App Customization

ESB.app has been designed as an Open Platform that can easily integrate external systems such as contextual advertising. It also provides APIs (Application Programming Interface) in order to easily integrate ESB.app with other applications, expanding the virality of the system. Further customization can be developed basing on customers’ brand guidelines in order to give them a powerful communication tool linked to ESB platform.

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