Bike Industry

Improve your Business with Real Connectivity


ESB.service interprets the data, combines them with usage statistics collected during the time and sends real-time remote diagnostic information of the entire vehicle to repair shops that can provide a personalized maintenance and customer support on the basis of the information retrieved.

ESB brings unique and valuable improvements to the industry processes by:

  • aggregating all communications with retailers and distributors in one platform;
  • optimizing the whole supply chain with spare parts management tool;
  • increasing quality and allowing a faster customer service with real-time assistance;
  • providing accurate analysis of component performance;
  • reducing procurement and warehouse costs;
  • providing remote vehicle firmware updates;
  • reducing costs and time for possible recalls;
  • optimizing marketing analysis and activities with communication tools.


Depending on the embedded electronics versions, the system retrieves both Diagnostic and Geo-location data from the e-bike, sends them online via cloud technology and creates helpful information for professional users, such as: enhacned vehicle control, accurate maintenance, customized service, or fleet management.


ESB.service platform is a complete Bike Management System available via web and accessible only to enabled professional users. The platform provides a real-time analytics of circulating bikes and their performance, allowing the possibility to analyze and support customers remotely with a powerful diagnostic tool.


ESB Technology has been designed and developed with different solutions (board dimensions, protocols, etc) according to different manufacturing needs. ESB Technology vehicle integration then can be performed by adopting one of the following solutions or realizing a custom designed one, based on specific needs.


Empowered by the Diagnostic and GPS location tools, ESB offers an advanced fleet management system which is flexible and adaptable to several situations, from the e-bike rental business to public services.

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