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Welcome to ESB’s online brand guide. Here you can find all the guidelines and details on how to work with our Logo, Text Font and other Graphical Elements.

The stories we communicate with ESB® are more efficient thanks to the attention we pay to our guidelines.
Learn more about the proper use and design application of ESB’s logo and visual identity.

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ESB’s colors palette consists of vibrant shades of Indian Red and Dark Blue, representing passion and equilibrium, respectively: the ESB® brand essence.

In the various applications of the logo both on physical and digital products, it could be necessary to use a monochromatic logo in case of greyscale printing, applications expressly requiring a monochrome or problems raising from the overlapping of background colors.  In these cases, it is possible to use a white logo on dark backgrounds or a black logo on white or very light backgrounds, aiming at ensuring a strong contrast amongst the graphic elements.

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