SITAEL ESB solution top ranked in ENEL and Fondazione Symbola market study “100 Italian e-mobility stories” as clear example of excellence and cutting-edge technology. List of the top most innovative companies serving the e-mobility industry with their “made-in-Italy” offering of brand new services and products has been presented in the market study which describes the innovative side of Italy actively contributing to the future of electric mobility.

ENEL and SYMBOLA present the project: “100 ITALIAN E-MOBILITY STORIES”

Rome February 15, 2017 –a new era is in front of Mobility. Technology for energy storage and electric motors are mature to be adopted in mass production, while clean energy sources and smart grids are becoming day by day more available.  It’ s time to answer to consumers’ new life styles demanding a New Millennium mobility made electric, bringing then to reality this epic transformation.

Few Italian companies, pioneers of e-mobility industry, are defining the right direction of this revolution worldwide and SITAEL is playing a key role with its e-Mobility division under the IoT Business Unit.

Realized by ENEL the largest power company in Italy and Symbola Foundation promoting the soft economy a development model where traditions meet innovation, culture, research and design, the study “100 ITALIAN E-MOBILITY STORIES”, describes these top 100 Italian companies example of excellence in this industry and highlights them as point of reference to follow.

Sitael with its technology ESB is revolutionizing the world of electric bikes by creating reliable and efficient electronic components for Electric Vehicles, combined with innovative software solutions and cloud computing in order to deliver the possibility of a real time remote diagnostic, a components life time forecast, a direct customer support and a new riding Experience.

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