ESB Connectivity System is top ranked in the 2019 edition of the “100 Italian e-Mobility Stories” by ENEL X and Fondazione Symbola.
The Italian national framework has changed form the first edition of the market study published in 2017, but after two years SITAEL still contribuites to shape the “made-in-Italy” e-mobility industry and spreads its competences at an international level.


ENEL and SYMBOLA present the project: “100 ITALIAN E-MOBILITY STORIES 2019”

Rome – April 8, 2019 – E-Mobility is evolving and improving more and more, thanks to the exponential growth of technology too.

The interesting market research conducted by ENEL X and Fondazione Symbola shows that today, in the world, there are 5.3 million electric vehicles for both passengers and goods (they were 1.5 in 2016) of which 2 million in China (+150% in 2018 compared to 2017) and 1 million in the United States (+100% in the last year). In Europe, Norway ranks first with 250,000 electric cars despite its only 5 million citizens.

The market growth is also due to the increased interest of governmental and public electric mobility systems: more than 20% of bus fleets in the world are electric (by 2025, they should be 1.2 million) as well as the majority of bike-sharing schemes.

It is in this framework that SITAEL – the largest Italian privately owned Company operating in Aerospace and High Technology fields – with its e-Mobility division, confirms itself as a pioneer in the Italian electric vehicles industry and is listed among the top “100 ITALIAN E-MOBILITY STORIES 2019”.

Thanks to its technology ESB, it is revolutionizing the world of electric bikes by creating reliable and efficient electronic components for Electric Vehicles, combined with innovative software solutions and cloud computing in order to deliver the possibility for a real-time diagnostic analysis by remote, a components’ lifetime forecast, an efficient GPS-based anti-theft system and a new riding Experience.

Last year, the smart docking station for e-bikes integrating ESB and called MAT (Magnetic Assisted Tap) earned SITAEL the prestigious CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category.

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